Greatest Hits

by Realistic

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Hip-Hop has evolved in so many ways over the years. I mean let's face it, we have come a long way from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. It has grown from it's disco roots to the rock infused 80's to the boom bap of the 90's to the flashy 2000's to now. Of course you had everything in between too. The point is, the world has seen a ton of growth and creativity come through the avenue that we call Hip-Hop. With all this growth we have somewhere lost the meaning of hip hop and what it's all about. To me, Hip Hop is a culture, a way of living, a feeling of unity, and expression. It's not a sing a long song that you can snap your fingers to while sporting the latest fashion trend that cuts off all circulation from your waist down. Im not judging anyone for wearing skinny jeans and a smedium size t-shirt. It's just not my vision of Hip-Hop. With that said, it has been a long time since I have come across a young emcee that truly understands the importance of keeping the Hip-Hop culture alive. Enter Realistic of Divine Essence. A while back B.O.B.O. and I were at a random show out here in Phoenix. As we were leaving a young aspiring hip hop head named Realistic walked over to B.O.B.O and gave him a CD with something written on it in sharpie. B.O.B.O. got into his typical "I'm a record executive" swagitude and told this kid "I'll check it out when I have time" as we walk out of the club. Now in the real world B.O.B.O is not a record executive at all, but don't tell him that. (laughs) That's why it's so funny to see him get all "Dr. Dre" on these artists. (laughs again) Anyways, I didn't think anything of it as I jumped in my car to head home. The next thing I know B.O.B.O is calling me. He tells me that this kid is super dope and then tells me to meet him at Starbucks in the morning to listen to this CD. No... big shot B.O.B.O does not have a studio to meet at when it comes to previewing up coming artist like a real record executive would. His studio is in the parking lot of Starbucks... in his car. So, I met him and listened to the CD all the way through as I drank my iced vente americano with a splash of white moca. The morning drink of champions... We were both in shock that we had never even heard of this underground artist named Realistic who resides in the same city we do. I mean really though... His delivery is vicious and his style is straight raw. Kind of crazy to think a little over a year ago he moved to the 602 from thriving metropolis of Silver City NM... google it. That brought us to working with him on the premiere of his project Greatest Hits. This is a compilation of tracks that Realistic has been sitting on for a while now. In all honesty there's really no gimmicks to him or his music. He literally just lays it down and it turns out ridiculously dope. He starts the project with a straight forward introduction that leads into a very fitting first track entitled Knock, Knock Let Me In. This joint let's you know exactly what he is all about and where he is going indeed. A couple of my favorite tracks on the tape are Culinary Arts and Prettier. The witty word play of Culinary Arts will set your mind in eternal fuckery just like the first time you heard Canibus - Channel Zero. He slows it down a little bit with Prettier and flows over a J-Dilla "esc" beat. I'm hooked on anything that has the slight hint of Jay-D. When you listen to this project from beginning to end you will get that boom bap vibe that has the tendency to snap necks. Overall, this is a phenomenal project from an artist that has Hip-Hop's culture running through his veins. Realistic has been making a lot of noise on the streets of Phoenix bringing true Hip-Hop culture back with a 2012 edge. Hit the jump to stream the full project. S/O to and




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Realistic Phoenix, Arizona

Realistic, AKA Real I...One of the founders of the fairly un-known but esoterically legendary underground Hip-Hop group Divine Essence...they don't make too many lyricists like us anymore...cherish us while we last! Boom-Bap at it's finest!

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